President Dalia Grybauskaitė

Address by H.E. Dalia Grybauskaitė, President of the Republic of Lithuania, at the Flag Raising Ceremony in Daukanto Square


Dear Fellow People of Lithuania,

This day comes as a celebration of King Mindaugas. It is a day to place ourselves in the timeline of history and to connect with our homeland in a very special way.

We need it to see our direction at all times – Lithuania must be the safest and best place for the people who live here. That is the guiding light we should always keep in our hearts and thoughts.

As we think about the future of Lithuania, we – an open and friendly nation – keep a close and responsive focus on what is happening in the world. And especially in Europe where we have always belonged.

We know from our history that things do happen – wars and plagues, occupations and deportations, defeats and triumphs.

To all nations struggling for their freedom, we are a living testimony that victory can be achieved.

We keep repeating this to ourselves too. All good changes, all sensible reforms can be attained. Everything is in our hands.

Each of us is responsible for bringing about as many fair solutions and notable successes as possible. And for invoking a strong feeling of freedom – like today on State Day.

So that we can pronounce the name of Lithuania with pride and dignity. So that we are not apathetic to what is going on around us. So that we are not indifferent to Lithuania’s future and her existence.

Such people – with deep strength and courage in their hearts and minds – have preserved Lithuania by the Baltic Sea for more than a millennium years.

Dear All,

Today is a day for celebration. A day of many memorable moments.

Tonight will gather in Vingis Park for the national schoolchildren’s song festival.

Together we will sing the national anthem – all of us here in Lithuania and around the world.

So let us say “Happy State Day!” to each other and to Lithuania.

And to those who see Lithuania as a good friend, ally and partner. It is a day of celebration for all of us.

May it be full of joy, festivity and love of our homeland, Lithuania!

Dalia Grybauskaitė, President of the Republic of Lithuania

Last updated 2016.07.06 12:39