President Dalia Grybauskaitė

German business shows interest in Lithuanian life sciences and innovative businesses


Wednesday, April 20, Berlin – President Dalia Grybauskaitė, currently in Germany on a state visit, opened a Lithuanian-German business forum in Berlin. The event – which has gathered almost 100 representatives from the scientific and business communities of both countries – focuses on Lithuanian life sciences and explores new avenues for doing business together in this field.

“A favorable business environment has put Lithuania firmly on Germany’s map of business. Over 400 German companies operate in Lithuania. Germany’s total investments amount to 1.3 billion euros. Today we are focusing on innovation. It is an area where Lithuania is visible and heard in the world today. The rapidly growing industry of Lithuanian life sciences opens up yet another opportunity to strengthen bilateral cooperation between business and research and work together to make further progress,” the President said.

Dalia Grybauskaitė underlined that a well-developed infrastructure and the abundance of talented people have already brought global high-tech medical and biotechnology companies such as Thermo Fisher, Moog and Teva to Lithuania. Germany can also make use of the opportunities provided by the Lithuanian life sciences sector.

Germany is Lithuania’s strategic partner in international research and innovation development. Lithuanian and German scientists work together in more than 50 EU-funded research projects. The Lithuania-based very modern R&D center of excellence – the biggest in the Baltic states – which brings 14 universities, 13 public research institutes, and 10 science and technology parks together, is a hub of new opportunities for cooperation.

The Lithuanian life sciences sector is growing by more than 20 percent annually. It is among the most dynamic and innovative in Eastern and Central Europe. Lithuanian researchers are producing new generation unique substances to fight cancer and HIV and are developing cutting-edge gene-editing techniques that can be tailored to treat incurable diseases. Lithuanian scientists network with NASA and CERN laboratories.

Germany is one of the most steadily growing economies in the world and a major partner for Lithuania with 17 thousand jobs to its credit. Lithuania’s trade turnover with Germany is growing and currently amounts to 4.7 billion euros. Siemens, DHL, Allianz, Schmitz Cargobull, and other German companies provide finance, insurance, logistic services and have their manufacturing base in Lithuania. Lithuanian businesses export furniture, chemical products, food products, various devices and appliances, as well as high quality components to Germany.

German business people positively assess the economic situation and business environment in Lithuania, and nine out of ten of them would again choose Lithuania for their economic activity.

Lithuania is an attractive destination for German tourists. Last year, over 170 thousand German tourists visited Lithuania – more than from any other country.

The Lithuanian-German business forum in Berlin is attended by scientists from Vilnius University and Kauno Klinikos as well as representatives from the companies Biomapas and Biotechpharma, the German Association of Biotechnology Industries, the Healthcare Industries Cluster Berlin-Brandenburg of the Life Sciences Network of Northern Germany, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Berlin.

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