President Dalia Grybauskaitė

Lithuania is breaking away from Russia’s power grid


Thursday, June 28, Brussels – President Dalia Grybauskaitė together with the Prime Ministers of Latvia, Estonia and Poland and the Commission President Jean-Claud Juncker signed a political agreement on the synchronization of Baltic power grids with continental Europe.

The agreement will allow to immediately launch synchronization works, ensuring the region’s energy independence from the BRELL circuit managed by Russia.

It is the result of Lithuania’s nine-year long efforts. Lithuania has secured strong support from Poland and the European Commission, which sees the synchronization of the Baltic States as key priority for the energy security of the entire European Union.

Lithuania’s, Latvia’s and Estonia’s grids will be fully disconnected from the Soviet BRELL circuit before 2025 and synchronized with modern and secure European continental networks. This will prevent any attempts to use energy as a tool of geopolitical blackmail.

The political agreement commits the European Union to negotiate with Russia and Belarus the disconnection of the three Baltic States from the BRELL circuit. It means that the European Union, as a whole, will protect the interests of our region.

All five parties to the agreement have decided to carry out synchronization via Poland. The document provides for a clear-cut timetable of work to be completed in 2025. It also enables to receive the necessary funding in the current financial framework.

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Last updated 2018.06.28 16:27