President Dalia Grybauskaitė

Lithuania will contribute to countering nuclear smuggling


Tuesday, March 27, Seoul - At the Nuclear Security Summit held to address the measures and initiatives for enhancing nuclear security, President Dalia Grybauskaitė introduced Lithuania's practical contribution to combating nuclear smuggling.

Following and supporting the US initiative to create a network of centers of excellence for nuclear security, this year such center will be established in Lithuania. In cooperation with the United States and other partners, the Center of Excellence for Nuclear Security, to be set up at the Border Guard School in Medininkai, will provide training sessions, prepare exercises and interaction plans for combating nuclear smuggling, and promote interinstitutional contacts. This center is expected to become regional.
"Lithuania as a nuclear state which plans the construction of a new NPP and has spent fuel storage facilities perfectly understands the importance of securing nuclear materials from terrorists. Therefore, Lithuania will continue to contribute to the efforts of international community to ensure safe use of nuclear materials," the President underlined.

Yukiya Amano, the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), during his meeting with the President officially promised his support in constructing and developing the Nuclear Security Center of Excellence in Lithuania. According to the President, it is an important sign of international confidence in Lithuania.

The agenda of the Nuclear Security Summit also includes the issues of nuclear safety. Lithuania's aspiration to achieve that all nuclear energy developing countries around the world are bound by the highest safety requirements and that international organizations such as IEAE monitor and supervise the compliance with these requirements, receive the support from most participants of the Summit. It would serve to ensure that the nuclear power plants planned in Lithuania's neighborhood - Kaliningrad region and Belarus - are obliged to meet international safety requirements. This matter has already been discussed during the President's meeting with the IAEA's Director General in Seoul.
Leaders from 53 states and representatives of international organizations (IAEA, UN, EU, and Interpol) are attending the Nuclear Security Summit. Lithuania has been invited to such high-level event for the first time after assessing its contribution to, and huge long-term experience in, developing peaceful nuclear energy and ensuring the protection of nuclear materials and the sources of ionizing radiation.
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