President Dalia Grybauskaitė

The President will focus on higher education reform in Finland


Tuesday, October 18, Helsinki – President Dalia Grybauskaitė will visit Aalto University tomorrow, October 19, to get acquainted with the Finnish reform of higher education.

Aalto University was established in 2010 by merging three major Finnish universities – technology, economics, art and design – into one. After the reform, it emerged as a leading institution not only in Finland but globally as well, ranking 115th on the list of the world’s best universities and 14th among higher schools of architecture and design. Dalia Grybauskaitė will meet with the university’s President Tuula Teeri, the academic community and Lithuanian doctoral students – there are nine of them studying at Aalto University.

To ensure world-level quality studies and scientific progress, Finland has been reforming its system of higher education since 2009. It plans to reduce the number of universities from 21 to 15. In Lithuania there are 23 universities: seven per one million of population compared to the relevant figure of 2.5 in Finland.  

In addition, Finland has introduced changes in the funding of higher education. Graduates are prepared taking national needs into account, while universities are funded based on their performance and quality of education.  

The President underlined that the Finnish experience could be useful in reforming higher education in Lithuania. The reform will be a key priority for the new Government of Lithuania.

The Finnish system of education and children’s achievements rank among the best worldwide.

Press Service of the President

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